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How to Set Up a Domain Name and Web Hosting with 1 & 1

With 1 amp;1, you can register your domain and set up hosting in less than thirty minutes. This how to web hosting article will guide you through all the steps necessary to complete domain name registration and web hosting.

Step 1

Head over to 1 amp;1 to get started. If you haven’t already thought of a domain name, use the domain search tool on the left side of the page. Simply enter the name you want, click the extension you want (I recommend .com) and hit search.

Step 2

Once you have found an available domain name that you like, click the ‘continue’ button and you’ll be taken to a page that will ask you what you want to do with the domain. This is where you’ll choose your hosting service:
1 amp;1 Instant Domain allows you to register your domain quickly; this prevents anyone else from taking it. The best feature of this package is the 1 amp;1 Startup WebsiteBuilder which lets you easily create your own homepage. (free)
1 amp;1 Instant Mail gives you the ability to use your domain name as an email address ( in addition to the 1 amp;1 Startup WebsiteBuilder ($0.99/month)
1 amp;1 Beginner sets you up with everything you’ll need to build your own website – upload your own files to the server or use the 1 amp;1 WebsiteBuilder to create a professional-looking website in minutes. ($3.99/month)

Step 3

After you’ve chosen anbest web hosting you’ll be taken to a promo page offering some sort of great deal on anti-virus software. This software is a download that is to be used on your computer, not the 1 amp;1 servers. This software is not needed for your web site so don’t feel obligated to purchase it.
If you’d like to learn more about the offer, click ‘more;’ after you’ve learned what you needed, you can choose to buy the software by clicking ‘add to cart.’

Step 4

The next page you’ll be taken to is the beginning of the ‘Your Order’ pages. These pages are the final steps in domain name registration and/or web hosting.
Your Cart – tells you what is in your cart – the hosting package you chose in Step 2 and the domain name you chose in Step 1. Once you’ve verified everything is as it should be, click ‘continue.’
Country – choose which country you’re in. Click ‘continue.’
Customer Details – This is where you’ll plug in all your personal information. Don’t worry, 1 amp;1 is very secure and won’t sell any of your personal information. Once you’re finished, click the ‘use the above data to register the domain’ button and then click ‘continue.’
Password – on this page, you’ll get to create a password so you can log in to your 1 amp;1 account. After you’ve chosen a password, select ‘Website (Non-1 amp;1)’ under how you heard about 1 amp;1 and click ‘continue.’
Payment – This is where you’ll enter your credit card number or PayPal address (email address). After the initial payment, 1 amp;1 will charge annually for the domain name and quarterly for web hosting. Once you have filled out the appropriate information, click ‘continue.’
Checkout (Summary) – This page verifies your personal information and the payment method. Once you accept 1 amp;1’s Terms and Conditions, click ‘order now’ and your order will be processed.

Step 5

Within 24 hours, 1 amp;1 will send you a confirmation email with the order details, your customer ID and password. To log in, you’ll be directed to the 1 amp;1 admin page. When you’ve gone in and set up your domain name, you’ll be able to use the domain name to log in instead of your customer ID.

You’re all done! Just like that you created your own web presence online. Now you can go in and create your own web page, set up an email address, or use one of the many tools 1 amp;1 offers with its hosting packages.

Tips amp; Warnings

The 1 amp;1 Control Panel is a graphical interface that lets you easily use all the tools 1 amp;1 provides.

If you need to upgrade at any time, go to the ‘Order More Features’ section and click on ‘Switch Package.’

If you need help, click ‘Help (FAQs) and Contact’ in the control Panel. From their you can call tech support for free or email them in a contact form. Their customer service is great; my emails were usually responded to with 1 day.

Although their customer service is good, their FAQs are mediocre at best. Instead of using the 1 amp;1 FAQ, do a Google search first.

If you need any help beyond this, or would like me to create more 1 amp;1 tutorials, please leave me a comment. I’ll respond as quickly as I am able to. Thanks!

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Introduction to the Different Types of Web Hosting in Mexico

If you look at the current world trend, the most noticeable number is not the people, but websites. Nowadays, almost everybody has a website. The websites are on a lot of different sectors like business, media, economics, politics, science, technology and pretty much everything you can think of. The basic requirements of creating a website are domain registration and web hosting mexico. Registering a domain is like giving your site a name that is unique. A unique name is necessary to recognize you website. The pages of your website need a place which is where web hosting mexico comes into play. web hosting mexico is the space where the data related to your site reside.

Different Types of web hosting mexico

When you visit a website, you see some texts and images. These texts and images are stored in the servers at the web hosting mexico and are displayed on your screen or anyone’s screen when they visit that site. You have to find a web hosting mexico service to store these website data which are available for leasing or rental. Once you pay the fees, you can use the amount of storage space for the time period you paid for. On the other hand, you can get your own server if you are willing to spend that much resource.

There are plenty of web hosting mexico services out there. Then there are types of hosting. You can go for a shared hosting which means the server holding your data is not exclusive to you. Instead, these servers are used by a lot of people which means there are drawbacks. You have to pay more for better services on a shared hosting while you can get away without paying much if you are ok with the kind of service you are getting. For low traffic websites, shared web hosting mexico is perfect. If you are more serious about hosting, there are other types to cater to your needs.

Dedicated hosting means your hosting space and other resources are just for you and will not be shared with others. These additional resources include the bandwidth usage. In case of shared hosting, there is a limit to the usage limit which also limits traffic to a site. If you pay for a dedicated hosting, you can enjoy more bandwidth. Purpose based hosting like video hosting, ecommerce hosting etc are used on those specific purposes. A general purpose hosting can not meet the needs of a special purpose one so if your site relies on a type of hosting, you should get that for best results.


Additional services with hosting can also cost more than the regular services. Added security, monitoring and other services may seem needed to serve your purpose. For example, personal data requires additional security to keep it safe from hackers. Sites that experience heavy traffic may need traffic monitoring services to keep hackers or unwanted individuals from accessing the resources. Running a web hosting mexico is a risky yet simple and possible business. All you need is a good computer that can be used or transformed into a server and a good and fast internet connection.

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VPS web Hosting  is among the more recent types of internet TOP Hosting España   which has just recently gained in reputation. VPS Hosting  is a wellspring of confusion for companies and many people trying to find an internet host because of their Internet ventures.

It’s no surprise the word confuses folks and therefore are uncertain if it’s going to satisfy their goals as well as their web Hosting  needs. We shall appear to explain the advantages and disadvantages of VPS Hosting  to enable you to better determine if it’s suitable to your enterprises.

A virtual  server that is personal is one that’s partitioned so that it’s bandwidth, disk space, and a unique operating system. What, precisely, does this imply? That host is subsequently split into different areas that that creates its own server. The account-holder who’s set on the digital server will reboot their server or utilize it as if it had been their own dedicated server and sees just their virtual  surroundings.

Web Hosting Types

The the area functions just like a a separate server but it’s in actuality part of just one real server. It is a great interim solution for websites which will require a a passionate server in the potential but will not be yet prepared because of it, because it functions as a a passionate server.

A common environment is equally as appropriate and even in case they don’t desire every one of the program sources assigned to to them, the control they’ve been managed is worth the extra expense.

For people that wish to own committed Hosting  but are somewhat cautious of the know-how required, VPS Hosting  is an excellent starter package to get their toes moist. They raise their skillset without giving to as much cash up front as well as can give it a try

Usually there are several advantages to Hosting  your website on a digital server that is personal. Included in these are:

A VPS Hosting  account is more affordable when compared to a complete dedicated Hosting  strategy that works on the server that is physical.

VPS strategies may be customized so that you pay for that which you desire but you may not have to cope that has any attributes to match your needs you WOn’t ever desire.

VPS Hosting  plans can be scalable. It’s possible for you to start off in your digital environment with all the minimal quantity of resources you’ll need and as you develop slowly boost your Hosting  strategy to accommodate your requirements. You may not need to cover resources you haven’t yet developed in to.

Than you do with shared-Hosting  you’ve got much more control on your digital server. You are going to probably have the ability and also root access to make use of scripts which will not be enabled in the shared-Hosting  environment.

You’ve got the support that is same just like shared Hosting  for the majority of problems.

It’s possible for you to pick from semi handled where the webhost manages some care and fully managed-services, Hosting .

Is There any Minuses to VPS Hosting ?

VPS Hosting , the theory is that, is an excellent method to possess the employment of a a separate server minus the price associated with that. Nevertheless, there are a few possible problems that could happen with VPS Hosting . The primary disadvantage from a monetary point of view is it is more costly than shared-Hosting . For websites that don’t desire a a support that is a passionate Hosting , the fee could possibly be prohibitive. Additionally it is usually much higher priced than shared while it isn’t as pricey as dedicated.

From a services perspective, however, the problem could be a lot higher. VPS Hosting  is offered by some web Hosting  companies however tend not to allocate the assets appropriately. This could cause issues down the line if its assets are used by a specific website at peak intensities. The cause of this really is the Hosting  company may have oversold bank, its room on the likelihood that every account on the real server isn’t going to use its shop of resources. But should they do, server conditions that can impact all the websites on the host may be caused by it. An easy method to fight this is always to make sure that you will be mindful of how several digital accounts are about the host at one time.

It s principal benefit is the capacity to get entire control on the Hosting  surroundings as you’d be in a package that is Hosting  minus the price. There really are a number of problems you could strike should they do and you are able the slightly higher cost although in the event the host doesn’t manage VPS right, it’s an excellent choice.