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How to Set Up a Domain Name and Web Hosting with 1 & 1

With 1 amp;1, you can register your domain and set up hosting in less than thirty minutes. This how to web hosting article will guide you through all the steps necessary to complete domain name registration and web hosting.

Step 1

Head over to 1 amp;1 to get started. If you haven’t already thought of a domain name, use the domain search tool on the left side of the page. Simply enter the name you want, click the extension you want (I recommend .com) and hit search.

Step 2

Once you have found an available domain name that you like, click the ‘continue’ button and you’ll be taken to a page that will ask you what you want to do with the domain. This is where you’ll choose your hosting service:
1 amp;1 Instant Domain allows you to register your domain quickly; this prevents anyone else from taking it. The best feature of this package is the 1 amp;1 Startup WebsiteBuilder which lets you easily create your own homepage. (free)
1 amp;1 Instant Mail gives you the ability to use your domain name as an email address ( in addition to the 1 amp;1 Startup WebsiteBuilder ($0.99/month)
1 amp;1 Beginner sets you up with everything you’ll need to build your own website – upload your own files to the server or use the 1 amp;1 WebsiteBuilder to create a professional-looking website in minutes. ($3.99/month)

Step 3

After you’ve chosen anbest web hosting you’ll be taken to a promo page offering some sort of great deal on anti-virus software. This software is a download that is to be used on your computer, not the 1 amp;1 servers. This software is not needed for your web site so don’t feel obligated to purchase it.
If you’d like to learn more about the offer, click ‘more;’ after you’ve learned what you needed, you can choose to buy the software by clicking ‘add to cart.’

Step 4

The next page you’ll be taken to is the beginning of the ‘Your Order’ pages. These pages are the final steps in domain name registration and/or web hosting.
Your Cart – tells you what is in your cart – the hosting package you chose in Step 2 and the domain name you chose in Step 1. Once you’ve verified everything is as it should be, click ‘continue.’
Country – choose which country you’re in. Click ‘continue.’
Customer Details – This is where you’ll plug in all your personal information. Don’t worry, 1 amp;1 is very secure and won’t sell any of your personal information. Once you’re finished, click the ‘use the above data to register the domain’ button and then click ‘continue.’
Password – on this page, you’ll get to create a password so you can log in to your 1 amp;1 account. After you’ve chosen a password, select ‘Website (Non-1 amp;1)’ under how you heard about 1 amp;1 and click ‘continue.’
Payment – This is where you’ll enter your credit card number or PayPal address (email address). After the initial payment, 1 amp;1 will charge annually for the domain name and quarterly for web hosting. Once you have filled out the appropriate information, click ‘continue.’
Checkout (Summary) – This page verifies your personal information and the payment method. Once you accept 1 amp;1’s Terms and Conditions, click ‘order now’ and your order will be processed.

Step 5

Within 24 hours, 1 amp;1 will send you a confirmation email with the order details, your customer ID and password. To log in, you’ll be directed to the 1 amp;1 admin page. When you’ve gone in and set up your domain name, you’ll be able to use the domain name to log in instead of your customer ID.

You’re all done! Just like that you created your own web presence online. Now you can go in and create your own web page, set up an email address, or use one of the many tools 1 amp;1 offers with its hosting packages.

Tips amp; Warnings

The 1 amp;1 Control Panel is a graphical interface that lets you easily use all the tools 1 amp;1 provides.

If you need to upgrade at any time, go to the ‘Order More Features’ section and click on ‘Switch Package.’

If you need help, click ‘Help (FAQs) and Contact’ in the control Panel. From their you can call tech support for free or email them in a contact form. Their customer service is great; my emails were usually responded to with 1 day.

Although their customer service is good, their FAQs are mediocre at best. Instead of using the 1 amp;1 FAQ, do a Google search first.

If you need any help beyond this, or would like me to create more 1 amp;1 tutorials, please leave me a comment. I’ll respond as quickly as I am able to. Thanks!